Do you sell framed work?

Yes, but not through site. Shipping becomes more of a variable with framed work so purchases are handled directly via email. 

Currently I have some pieces from my recent show ‘Things that shouldn’t last’ available framed. You can see them on my website here: https://cesbenshade.com/Things-that-shouldn-t-last - please just reach out with which one you’re interested in and I’ll let you know if it’s available and we can work out an estimate of shipping and handling. 

Current framed works are priced as follows:

Single fujifilm instax: $250.00

Single polaroid: $275.00

Double fujifilm instax: $300.00

Double polaroid: $325.00


How do I take care of my art?

Like other photographic artworks, Instax and Polaroids are sensitive to UV and should not be hung in direct sunlight. 

If you do not frame the work, I recommend you handle it by the white edges only to avoid getting oils and debris on the surface of the frame and when you dust to do so gently with a soft cloth. 


How long will it take for my work to arrive?

Given the upheavals in the mail the last few years…who knows. However I’ll be able to provide an estimate and all orders will be sent with a tracking number. For international shipments, to the US for example, tracking information may be limited but it will still alert you to when the work arrives in-country. 


How often do you release work?

I’m aiming to release 5 pieces every month at this time. This frequency may increase. 


Why do you only release 5 works at a time?

To avoid platform fees. Also because I will be archiving works as I release them and batches of 5 seems like a reasonable number to process.


What if I want to buy another piece I saw on your instagram?

Message me! If it’s not part of a body of work I’m developing for a show I’ll be happy to sell it. If it is, I’ll contact you when it is available.